Kohler Magnum 20 rod .020 undersize ( inserted bearings )

 These are genuine Kohler Magnum 20 Kt 19 series rods we saved since Kohler discontinued these so we pick nice ones and professionaly cut and machine these for rod inserts like a car. We do not just put in a drill press as some people do but actually have a fixture that holds rod by the machined ends then locks down and we cut a new rod journal for an insert. The bearing slots are hand cut but that isn't critical. These may vary as how they look since we've had the in barrels for a while but we do not insert rods that were gaulded as the aluminum gets hard and brittle.. We have been inserting rods like this since 1994 and can say the perform and outlast the factory aluminum and the can be inserted again with a new bearing or different size. This will hold up better than original and trator pullers in modified engines have to use inserted rods to keep their engines from blowing so its very well proven. Many mag 20s blow up because they run low on oil or pump is bad, Make sure you check your oil pressure system and pressure when you reassemble engine always. You MUST specify size when ordering or we will ship standard!

Kohler Magnum 20 rod .020 undersize ( inserted bearings )
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