Yanmar L70AE L70 Diesel w/ 1" keyed crankshaft Yanmar L70 6.7hp

We are a well known rebuilder and these are a professionally rebuilt motor that we rebuilt. This is rebuilt like all our rebuilds and is bored, crank turned, valves ground, and all the other things we do and all new parts installed.This has a 1 inch keyed crank so would be excellent for a go cart, log splitter, pump, compressor or application needing up to a 10 or 12 HP gas engine.  .We put a flywheel cover and pull start on it and tested it! This motor runs like a new motor! I see these selling for $500 to $700 not running or tested and can say that it can get expensive to get one running even if they do move freely. You can be assured your are not buying a junk engine here!  This starts instantly and runs smooth and quite as it should be and should last 5,000+ hrs with proper care. Price does not include an electric starter but we will ship with your choice of a 24 volt or a 12 volt starter for $60 more.  These actually do start easy with pull start. Also does not come with preheater shown in pics unless you pay $30 but again most people using these want to avoid buying a battery. Again price does not include preheater. WE also can add a muffler for $50. We install a new air filter so all you need is to hook up fuel, muffler, and oil to use. If you have a good rebuildable core to send us we will refund up to $300 back to you upon receiving it here.  You can call 330 868-7875 or 330 956-6830 Mon thru Fri 8 to 4 for questions or to use your credit card! We sold a few so this is our last one until I get more cranks and rebuild

Yanmar L70AE L70 Diesel w/ 1"  keyed crankshaft Yanmar L70 6.7hp
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